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In the beginning there was plant.

Nepenthes ventrata


Sarrs purpurea


Sarrs purpurea

After 3 more months

Sarrs purpurea

Sarracenia minor

Sarrs Minor getting a meal

Mosquito legs

Grow light



Sarracenia psittacina

Scarlet Belle in the top right was rescued from a hardware store. It is making a great come back.

Nepenthes Ventrata

Lazy frog gets free lunch

Nepenthes truncata

Nepenthes ramispina

My Nep

My hand

One lone Nep

Another free loader


Big flower

My bog on fire.

My bog and Loren on fire.

Some one said do this and it's been eight years.

S. leucophylla

Two foot tall. Six inches when i got them four months ago.

No bugs and no rats.

Ball Python

Babies on the way

Mutant fly trap


Micro Ceph

Sarracenia Psittacina

Not mine

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