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  Picture Name Code Picture Name Code
  back Parent Directory kiss kiss.gif
  angry angry.gif LOL lol.gif
  at_work at_work.gif minismile minismile5.gif
  bj bj.gif pi_tongue pi_tongue.gif
  bloodbar bloodbar.gif posticonkiss pig.gif
  bs bs.gif posticonheart posticonheart.gif
  chatter chatter.gif posticonkiss posticonkiss.gif
  crying crying.gif posticonspin posticonspin.gif
  dogruns dogruns.gif puke puke.gif
  flip flip.gif questionmark questionmark5.gif
  folderonfire folderonfire5.gif stop stop5.gif
  huh huh.gif thinkerg thinkerg.gif
  jaws jaws.gif twirl twirl.gif
        usflag usflag5.gif